Videos on Social Emotional Learning

For counselors and educators! Please take a look at some of my most used social-emotional videos for counseling.

All Grades:

Bullying Awareness and Resiliency Skills:

Exclusion and Inclusion:

Recipe for a Healthy Friendship:

Emotions Bingo:

Empathy and Perspective Taking:


Calming Down Strategies:

Grades K-3:

Basic School Rules:

Classroom Manners:

Keeping Your Hands To Yourself:

Hands Are Not For Hitting:

Safe Touch:


Telling the Truth:

Taking Turns and Having Patience:


Asking Someone to Play:

Team Work:

Being a Good Sport:

Deep Breathing:

Mindfulness: Still Quiet Place

Mindfulness: Body Scan

Think Before You Act:

Angry Birds Controlling Emotions:

Using Polite Words:

Bullying awareness and change:

Grades 4-6:

Emotional Awareness:

Healthy Emotional Expression:


How Stress Affects the Body:

Personal Space:

You are Stronger Than You Think:

Boost Self-Confidence:


Making New Friends:

7th – 12th Grade

Communication Skills:

Language of Lying:

First Impressions and Bias:

How Stress Affects Your Brain:

Why do We Cry:

Importance of Sleeping:

Understanding Power:

Science of Attraction:

Critical Thinking Skills:

Art of the Metaphor:

Why Do We Dream: