Videos on Bullying

Problem, Cost, and Solution videos on bullying.

 NOTE: Please review before showing these to young children.

Problem and Types of Bullying

Power of Bystanders (High School):

Bullying en Español (Middle and High School):

Examples of Bullying (High School):

Raw footage of bullying (High School) *Violence:

Documentary on Bullying (Middle &  High School) *Reference to Suicide

Parental Influence (High School):

Examples of Bullying (High School):



If you wouldn’t say it in person, why online? (4th/5th grade, Middle, & High School)

Impact of cyberbullying (High School) *Profanity:

Cyberbullying Virus (High School):

Cyberbullying Stand Up or Stand By  (Middle and High School):

If you wouldn’t say it, why type it? (Middle or High School):

Online words cause real pain (High School) *Profanity:


Impact of Bullying (Elementary School):


Words Hurt (Elementary and Middle School):

Impact and Resiliency to Bullying (High School) *Reference to Suicide:



Upstander Tools (Elementary, Middle & High School):

Positive Post-It Day (Elementary, Middle, and High School):

Upstander Tools (Elementary):

5th Grade Upstanders (Elementary School):

5th Grade Girl Upstanders (Elementary):

Be an Upstander (Elementary and Middle School):

Upstander Tools (4th Grade to High School):

How to Respond to Cyberbullying (4th grade to High School):

Who is an Upstander? (Middle and High School):

Music Video for ‘Bully’ Movie (Middle and High School):

Tips for the Bullied, Bullies, and Bystanders (High School):

Stand up to Homophobic Bullying (High School):

Adult Upstanders (Elementary, Middle, & High School):


Getting Help From Adults:

Reporting Bullying to Adults (Elementary):

Tattling vs. Telling (Elementary):

Informing is not snitching (Elementary and Middle):