Palos Forest Illinois – Mountain Bike

While working in Wilmington, Illinois I randomly came across 2 Bici Bike Shop and met Joe and his adorable puppy Rotweiler! They only rent mountain bikes and recommended the 9 mile trail located directly behind their store. I had mentioned to some other bikers that I’m only a road biker, but they said if I’m from California this will be easy. So my confidence was up, but after just one minute I knew I was in for a challenge. Lots of roots, rocks, and huge dips had me stepping off my bike a few times. Being mostly single track I also leaned into quite a few bushes with other mountain bikers rushing right towards me! They barely flinched as I clinched for my life. 

Off to a very slow start, I was relieved when the trail started to ease up a bit and I was able to see some incredible views of lakes calmly tucked into the middle of this green space! 

 I realized that mountain biking is not quite my sport at this point, but was glad to have the opportunity to give it a shot! Plus, I am very grateful to have met Joe as he was incredibly helpful!