Guam Partial Island Loop

Hafa Adai!

During a long walk this morning..I started to think that I would rather be biking! (A feens reoccurring thought). So, I stopped to borrow a hotels wifi to search for bike rental shops and not much luck. I then went back to the old fashioned form of asking locals. A hotel receptionist and tourist bureau said that I could find a bike rental place across the street from the G spot! Haha..that sounds about right 😉 

So I found the G spot gym on my map and sure enough there was a small Japanese store with a cat and dog to greet you at the door! Lined up next to the cat house (yes, an actual cat house) there was a beautiful line of rusty and well-used mountain bikes. 

And it turns out that this is only a couple of blocks from my hotel! 

I rented a bike right away and they gave me some protective gear with no room for questioning. So, I am officially the dorky bike rider here in Guam!  
 Off I went with an ambitious drive to do a 64 mile loop around almost the entire Island of Guam (with only 161,000 residents). However, after only 5 miles I felt myself feeling tired and slowed down because not all of the gears (and muscles) were working. So, I decided that I would have to prematurely cross the island instead. However, I was in for a workout because of the intense hills that took you through the charming residential interior. I was spooked a couple of times because there are so many chickens! I think the chicken crossing the road joke must have originated here. 

Eventually I made it to the other side and kept pushing myself through the heat and short rain pour to make it back to the start. It is so humid here that I barely felt the rain as I was already steaming!  (And, I must say that my skin feels great after this ride…who needs a facial when you have biking in the tropics!)

I was exhausted, but made it back just in time to have a brief business meeting prior to our first training tomorrow! 

I can’t wait to meet the students and maybe even squeeze in one more ride before I leave!