Bike Rides

Here you can find the links to the electronic journals created to capture some photos and reflections about my most memorable bike rides:

Monterey to San Francisco Ride

April 2017
Central/Northern California Coast
122 miles
196 kilometers



Hermosa Sunset Roll


November 2015
Hermosa Beach, California
12 miles
19 kilometers



Guam Partial Island Loop – Guam, October 2015



October 2015
35 miles
56 kilometers





Benicia Double Bridges




October 2015
Benicia, California
24 miles
39 kilometers




Santa Cruz to Monterey


October 2015
Central/Northern California
50 miles
80 kilometers



Galveston Cruise


October 2015
Galveston, Texas
17 miles
27 kilometers



Mt. Diablo Loop


October 2015
Walnut Creek, California
30 miles
48 kilometers



Coronado Loop



September 2015
San Diego, California
26 miles
42 kilometers





Valley of the Moon




September 2015
Sonoma, California
19 miles
30 kilometers




SF Tiburon Loop



September 2015
Tiburon, California
38 miles
61 kilometers





Palos Forest


September 2015
Palos Forest, Illinois
10 miles
16 kilometers



Crater Lake Rim



September 2015
Crater Lake, Oregon
32 miles
51 kilometers





Santander Rutas en Bici


Agosto 2015
Santander, España
Varying miles every day
Muchos kilómetros



San Sebastian Daily Bike Routes



Julio 2015
País Vasco
Varying miles every day
Muchos kilómetros



M2M – Monterey to Morro Bay



June 2015
Central California Coast
126 miles
202 kilómetros



Japan Layover – November 2012





November 2012
Tokyo, Japan
118 miles
191 kilómetros




Mitad Camino de Santiago del Norte
Day 3 camino corazon


Julio 2012
Norte de España
215 miles
347 kilómetros

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