School Choice Bus Dilemma 

With our soon to be Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, we are embarking upon the school choice journey. In theory I agree with providing parents with a variety of school options. In practice this becomes quite a challenge as diligently described in this U.S.News article. 

School busing will likely increase to meet these parent choices, which is where transportation safety comes to mind. The New York Times highlights the 2011 research study by the National Education Association showing that an average of two bullying incidents happen on every commute. The article also offers a series of possible safety measures (varying greatly in price) including: 

  • Bus attendants.
  • Cameras on buses.
  • More options for the driver to pull over to address bullying behaviors.
  • School staff to offer more student bus entry/exit support.
  • Bus orientations for students, parents, and drivers. 
  • Bus buddies.
  • Student seating request systems (so students can more easily ask to sit closer to the driver).

Read the article here. As we embark upon this school choice journey I hope that our new administration can include measures to ensure equity and safety for all.