Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Sarah Behm and I am an educational consultant in school climate safety and bullying prevention.  I also hold a California PPS school counselor certificate.

As a consultant, I have been working with several organizations since 2006 including: Harmony at Home, Community Matters, Second Step, PeaceBuilders, California School Age Consortium (CalSAC), International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP), Edu-Culture Immersion, and many more.

I have most recently started to work with Harmony at Home, a non-profit based in Monterey County.

For Community Matters, I have delivered all of their programs & services and helped to design the Waking Up the Courage Assembly, Mentor Training & Curriculum for Students & Staff, Parent Workshops, and our most recent Peer-to-Peer Alcohol & Drug Prevention training for students.

As a counselor, I have worked in Shoreline Middle School and Aspire Charter Schools. My duties included the following:

  • Individual, Group, and Crisis Counseling
  • Student Support Team (SST) Coordinator
  • Solutions Team Coordinator
  • 504 Plan Coordinator
  • PBIS Coordinator
  • Leadership Coordinator
  • CPS and Community Resource Liaison
  • Credit Recovery Support
  • High School Articulation Liaison
  • Behavior & Wellness Response-to-Intervention (BWRTI) and RTI member.
  • Middle School Bootcamp Co-Coordinator

I have served over 250 schools throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and Guam. I specialize in developing and delivering trainings for students, staff and parents in social-emotional education, school climate safety, and bullying prevention.

For the past several years, I have fulfilled my summer by taking a group of high school students to Spain for a month-long immersion program. My main responsibilities included monitoring the emotional and physical safety of all students and staff; coordinating academics, housing, tours, meals, special events, transportation, cultural and extracurricular activities for students; managing staff; and ensuring the quality and commitment to the required Spanish Language Course.

As a school climate safety consultant and certified school counselor, I believe in the power of partnering with students, staff, and parents to establish sustainable school safety programs.  My mission is to be a school culture contributor by modeling, connecting, guiding, and supporting all community members in actualizing their social, emotional, academic, and community potential!